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Community Aid and Social Education
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CASEE is a local organization geared towards capacity building of grassroots communities,
CBOs, NGOs and institutions in the struggle against poverty; and promotes social justice,
empowerment and participation of the poorest in addressing their basic rights.
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Society free from Poverty and Social Injustice.

What is CASEE?

Community Aid and Social Education Empowerment (CASEE) is a non-profit making organization registered under the NGO Act of 2002, with registration number 00NGO/R/0291. CASEE (formerly CASEC) was established by Tanzanian Oxfam UK employees in 1994. In 1988 Oxfam Tanzania office changed its development approach from project to programme approach. The key programs included community health, women, youth and vulnerable children.

CASEE Background

Community Aid and Social Education Empowerment (CASEE) is a nationally registered not for profit sharing Organization based in Arusha, northern Tanzania. It is registered under the companies Act of 2002 (Reg. No. 00NGO/R/0291). The Organization (formerly as Community Aid and Social Enterprises Coordination) initially started in 1994 as a capacity building Organization through partnership with Oxfam UK. CASEE has the mandate to empower communities and civil society organizations in order to reduce poverty and social injustices. CASEE does this through emphasis on human resource development as a basis of tackling income and non-income poverty.

The four programs were developed, and each programme had a committee which guided the programme on behalf of Oxfam UK. Eventually the community, women and youth programme evolved into local Non-Government Organization while the programme for vulnerable children was developed in Singida district and eventually the center was handled to the Regional Government.

Later Oxfam UK facilitated the establishment of CASEC as capacity building organization for the four NGOs. Therefore,. The first CASEC offices were based in Shinyanga town.

In 1996 CASEC board agreed that one of the founders should go and head the organization so that it would grow with the intended vision and mission. It was agreed that the head office for CASEC should be in Arusha and that Shinyanga office remain as a sub-office. From 1994 to 2005, the main supporter of the four organizations was Oxfam UK. In 1998 Oxfam UK, European Union through Oxfam UK and Oxfam Ireland supported the four organizations to implement the Arumeru West integrated program in Arusha region. The programme included the components of: Water, sanitation and hygiene; Saving and credits; Low cost housing; and Community sensitization.

Since the generous support from Oxfam UK, CASEC now (CASEE) has continued to broaden the scope of its interventions and has gained a huge amount of institutional knowledge in the process.